Monday, March 25, 2013

Girls: How to Have Your Picture Taken

Step 1:  Have side bangs, or at least bobby pin a section of your hair back.

Step 2: Find the friend you want a picture with, stand as close to her as possible, and put your inside arms around each other.

Step 3: Put your free outside hand on your hip.

Step 4: Lean forward slightly and cock your head to the outside.

Step 5: Smile largely and sheepishly, with eyebrows raised, as if you know you're gorgeous but are trying to get more compliments by playing Devil's Advocate.

And that's all there is to it. You now know how to take girl pictures.


Friday, March 15, 2013

College Life

One of my guy friends posted a picture of his hall's maintenance report. I love.


Monday, March 11, 2013

All Things Work Together

You said, "I know that this will hurt, but if I don't break your heart, then things will just get worse."

I am God's newest and biggest fan. I've been running from what he was telling me for so, so long. I thought that if I was persistent enough, God would eventually get on board with MY plan. Unfortunately (or fortunately), God knows best, from the very beginning. Nothing ever occurs to God. He's not going to change his mind because I decide to defy him.

He tried to tell me, but I wrote it off, ignored it, explained it away, doubted it. It's all so clear now. It's brutal; it's tragic. In a way, it completely ruins everything. But it makes me smile. It makes me trust God.

It's the classic story, really. The I-Should-Have-Listened-to-God-From-the-Beginning story. You hear it a thousand times from a thousand different people in a thousand different situations, but you never believe it. You assume you're the exception. You figure maybe you're just hearing God wrong. Maybe what you're doing is really okay.

I'm not expecting this post to persuade you to listen to God. People have been directly and indirectly telling me to listen to God for months. I didn't listen to them, or God. I don't expect you to listen to me now. I just can't contain how shocked, impressed, and happy with God I am right now. I have to tell someone. So I might as well tell everyone.

My heart is breaking and healing all at once. Praise the God of the Paradox!