Why Peripetei∀?

καλώς ορίσατε!

This blog used to be called "Pandora" {scroll down to the end see why}, but that isn't the right name anymore.

Spring of 2013 held more change for me than perhaps all the nineteen years leading up to it. I broke up with my first and only boyfriend after eleven months; I decided that I love college; I made real friends; I fell in love with God with a phenomenal, electric enthusiasm; I found an additional person that I could trust; I got a somewhat full-time, real job; I became a college sophomore; I moved home for the summer.

Life has turned out to be nothing like I expected. In some ways it's easier; in some ways it's harder. Nothing is clear. I'm starting to get the idea that it's just a wildly exciting, unscripted adventure.

Or, as the Greek would say, a "peripeteia."

Formally Called Pandor∀

You've heard this story before.  There was a girl named Pandora.  She was given a box.  She was told not to open the box.  She did.

And out came fear, hate, envy, anger, selfishness, sickness, greed, death and betrayal.

And then, at the bottom of the box, was a shining ray of hope.  A little piece of promise.  A tiny beacon of faith.  A small, optimistic "maybe."

That box is me.  A whole lot of ugly, but there's always hope, right?  Here's to a place where I'm finally be free to show it all. Here's to the good, the bad, and the shocking. Here's to uncensored media.

Here's to the curiosity that damned us all and the hope that'll bring us all through it.

Welcome to P∀ndor∀.

~Stephanie, Live and Uncensored