Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Current Status

It is finals week.

Scope and Methods: Research Methods Class
When:  Tomorrow at noon
I Want:  An A. I've gotten 89s on every test in this class. One. More. Point, dammit.
I Expect: I mean, probably a freaking 89.
How That's Going: I mean...I've MADE the study guide. I haven't done what you'd call STUDY yet.

Environment Science
When:  Thursday at noon
I Want: A high B.
I Expect: A C or a D.
How That's Going: I spent this entire module in class texting and doing work for the above class. I don't even know what topics we covered. I have not done very well on the past two tests. I might be screwed.

American Literature II
When:  Friday at 8am
I Want: An A
I Expect: I don't know. An A or a B. She's made the format really different and hard for the final. She gave us some sample questions in class that blew my mind.
How That's Going: Um. Haven't started studying. But I got As on the first two tests and it's not cumulative. I'm not that worried.

Intro to Christianity
When:  Friday at 3pm
I Want: An A
I Expect: An A
How That's Going: Totally on schedule. The study guide is completely made, and I made 100 and 98 on the first two tests. No sweat.

Aaaaaaaaaaand yeah. That's what's up.


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  1. good luck!!

    and may the odds be evah in your favah. ;)