Thursday, February 28, 2013


Alana mentioned that she hates Ryan Gosling and Tom Cruise, and that got me thinking about the actors and actresses that I hate--and love.

I left out the obvious, shallow ones {Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt}, even if they're legitimately good actors. These lists are more for the unexpectedly appreciated or surprisingly repulsive talent.

Actors/Actresses I Hate
1. Tom Cruise - I don't care what character he's playing, all I see is Tom Cruise. I'm pretty sure that's all he sees, too. And he's short.
2. Ryan Reynolds - Unbelievably overrated.
3. Jim Carrey - He's not an actor. He doesn't act. He contorts his nasty rubber face.
4. Will Ferrel - Mostly I just dislike the kind of humor he specializes in.
5. Billy Crystal - He just grosses me out.
6. Keira Knightly - She never completely closes her mouth. She probably thinks it's sexy, but swallowing all those flies can't be good for the libido.
7. Anne Hathaway {although I did love her in Les Mis} - I don't really have a good reason to hate her {except that she has bags under her eyes}, so she's probably going to be removed from this list soon. Like, actually now. Except that I can't get the crossed-out-text thing to work, so this whole paragraph is now dumb.

8. Shia LaBeouf - He just annoys me. I can't get over Even Stevens and Holes.
9. John Travolta - He is a pretty good actor, I just hate his face a lot. Like a lot. I don't like to have to look at him.
10. Nicolas Cage - I don't think he can act.
11. Russel Brand - Disgusting. His face is disgusting, his voice is disgusting, his humor is disgusting. Even Katy Perry couldn't stay with him.
12. Samuel L. Jackson - He's the same obnoxious dead-eyed, smart-assed killjoy in every movie.

Actors/Actresses I Love
1. Jennifer Lawrence - I think she's a really good, nitty-gritty actress and she seems funny and down-to-earth.
2. Jennifer Garner - I don't think she's pretty at all, but she's a great actress.
3. Victor Garber - He's so convincing in whatever role he plays.
4. Leonardo DiCaprio - Incredibly talent. He has no limits. He's the opposite of Tom Cruise. DiCaprio fully commits to whatever character he plays, portraying them as a real person.
5. Ben Affleck - I really enjoy him. I think he's a good actor and I like his style.
6. Helena Bonham Carter - She's so quirky. And she's in, like, everything now.
7. Mark Ruffalo - Hm. I'm not sure why I like him. I definitely love his voice.
8. Jonah Hill - He's so funny and adorable XD
9.  Christoph Waltz - Seriously talented. Absolutely incredible. Him and Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie together was perfect {Django}.
10. Sandra Bullock - Great actress, very classy.

What about y'all? Are there actors/actresses you love or love to hate?



  1. i do love mark ruffalo, although i can't really explain why either hahaha

  2. Hmm perhaps I can put to words why Mark Ruis so awesome.. Nope, sorry. I kinda love him too though.. Haha.

    Ok.. Love:
    Woody Harlson.. He just makes me smile and laugh. I always enjoy his acting.

    Robert Downey Jr.. Because well.. He's Robert Downey Jr.. That in its self says enough in my opinion.

    Bruce Willis.. I'm pretty sure I just love him because I adore the die hard movies, but I'm not sure.

    Chris Hemsworth.. Not only am I a big fan of his acting.. But he's great eye candy (sorry, sorry he's my quilts pleasure).

    Aside from the previously mentioned..
    Rene Zelwigger.. I'm sorry but I can't get past her face..

    Channing Tatum.. Oh my goodness how I despise this guy. He can't act. His sole purpose is to look hot.. And his face ruins that.

  3. While I try not to dislike any particular actor or actress because it creates bias for my film reviews but I agree all of the underrated actors on your list are great. On your overrated list I only have a problem with Samuel L. Jackson. He's Sam L. FREAKING Jackson for crying out loud! But I am kind of a fan him. Although I do agree about Nic Cage, he don't act anymore, he plays himself. As for my favorite actors/actresses they are:
    Harrison Ford
    Sean Connery
    Robert Downy Jr.
    James Stewart
    Carrie Fisher
    Natalie Portman
    Scarlett Johansson


  4. Actually I like half the people on your hate list and am ambivalent to half the people on your like list. I disagree with you most on Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal, Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightly, and Will Farrell. Have you seen Stranger Than Fiction? Might change you mind about Will Farrell

    1. Stranger than Fiction is like.. one of my favorite movies ever.

  5. Zoey Deschanel is very overrated in my opinion. She just .. doesn't seem to have any focus in her way. I watched 500 Days of Summer, 20 mins in and I was hating both the character and actress.