Monday, January 14, 2013

Life Isn't Math

You can meet people a lot of different ways and get a lot of different results. But the funnier thing is that you can meet people a lot of different ways and sometimes get similar results.

Cassidy and Sam are my best friends. But if you broaden the range of friendship the tiniest bit, the sphere includes my little sister, Sarah, and my friend Alicia from Oregon.

Sam and I met by chance. We were in the same driver's education class. He was popular, I wasn't especially. I talked to him as a spur-of-the-moment act of courage after class one day. Next thing you know, he's actively seeking my friendship and we become best friends less than a year later, using almost exclusively online communication.  {Two fifteen-year-olds who live forty minutes apart don't have much hope of face-to-face communication.}

This weekend, I was informed that Cassidy started coming to our church in 2008, which made me feel like a horrible person, because I don't remember seeing her until like a year and a half later. We went on as acquaintances for the longest time. Finally somewhere between 16 and 17, we became really good friends. It was the gradual combination of being "forced" to spend lots of time together and the fact that we're both ridiculously awesome and similar. Now, she's the deepest friend I've ever had. When we hang out, it doesn't feel like two friends hanging out. It feels like two souls hanging out.

The summer of 2011, I went to Europe with a student ambassador program. I'd never been away from home for more than a week, out of the country at all, or within fifty feet of an aircraft. The very first night in Spain, I was brutally exhausted, tragically homesick, and bitterly regretting the decision to go on this trip.

My assigned roommate for the night was Alicia. I remember hoping she'd just leave me alone and not watch me while I cried. She gave me exactly the right amount of space and socialization, and from that night on, we were "fast friends." I was 100% myself with her from the very beginning, and I know she was the same. I told her anything and everything. I never altered my behavior in any way for her. It was the quickest and deepest friendship I've ever built, and it's still going on today.

Even thought I've known my little sister Sarah for the longest, we've only recently become best friends. I can't believe it took me so long to realize how incredible she is, guys. She has an awesome sense of humor, she's insanely observant, she gives great advice on everything from shoe selections to relationships. I miss her so much. I miss flopping onto her bed and asking her for advice. I miss fighting over the bathroom. I miss staying up and watching Friends. I miss being the only person who could wake her up in the morning and come out alive.

What's the point of this post? Just to say you never know. Four very different equations all equal friendships of gold. Don't overlook anything or anyone just because it/he seems insignificant. You never know.

The out-spoken popular guy from driver's ed and I became best friends online. I overlooked the initially-reserved soulmate for eighteen months at church. The girl from Oregon was forced upon me in Spain. The beautiful little sister-friend was there all along.

Invest in life. Invest in people. You never know when it's going to pay off.



  1. you are exactly right. the thing about me and my sister tho is that we are seven years apart and it took a long time for her to get old enough to have anything in common with me. but now we are great friends and it's like...who is this girl?? hahaha.

  2. You are so right Stephanie. my friendships have started in so many different ways, but that doesn't change the deepness.
    My sister Becky and I are 10 years apart. I've always gone to her for relationship advice, but as I'm reaching adulthood, we've definitely gotten closer.And then there's my sister in-law.. whose about 6 years older.. I known her for about 5 years, but only in the last year or so (of the 2 years she's been my sister-in-law) have we become close. Now, I'm not saying I go and bare my soul to her as I would Becky, but since she's right next door.. I know she would be there for me if I needed her. The opportunity for depth is there.
    Friendships are such a mystery :)

  3. I told you I was quiet when I started coming to church XD love you :)