Saturday, January 26, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

1. Being with anyone while they read something I've written
2. Talking to someone after I've eaten and before I've brushed my teeth
3. Trying to put on or zip up a jacket while walking
4. Using public restrooms when others are in there too
5. When I can't understand the words coming out of someone's mouth
6. Seeing/hearing/being reminded of a personal trigger that no one is aware of
7. The sound of myself walking in high heels
8. Sneezing
9. Being the only one who knows everyone



  1. I'm the same with sneezing but only because I'm so loud I usually scare most people around me. I feel sorry for the strangers not expecting it

  2. ah. i dislike all of those thing too. all of them. there is not a one thing on that list that doesn't make me uncomfortable. oy.