Monday, July 8, 2013

Anger Scale

Today I referred to being "level 7 angry," and that got me thinking about how I would actually break down my anger scale. After much deliberation {and you know that's true}, I give you my personal Anger Scale.

Level 1: Neutral. Not angry.

Level 2:
Symptoms:  Mental flick of irritation; wry smile
Description:/Example  A small, intentional offense designed to make me playfully annoyed. This barely counts as "anger."

Level 3:
Symptoms:  Edge in voice; stiffer body language
Description/Example:  Usually a result of Level 1 taken too far

Level 4:
Symptoms:  Slight temper flare; embarrassment; snapping at others, then immediately covering it up;
Description/Example:   Something that bothers me a lot, but that I realize shouldn't affect me so much

Level 5:
Symptoms:  Feeling of anger; desire to remove self from situation; need for someone who understands how I feel
Description/Example:  Someone cheating at a game; someone spreading harmfully inaccurate information

Level 6:
Symptoms:  Scowl; vengeful streak returns, resulting in regrettable words that I have no current desire to take back;
Description/Example:  If someone pisses me off when I'm already at Level 5

Level 7: 
Symptoms:  Scowl; clarity of thought; motivation to right the wrong;
Description/Example:  A minor but legitimate offense against me or someone I love; a third party screwing up something official like a dorm room assignment or a scholarship letter; a heated debate

Level 8:
Symptoms:  Tears of frustration; general heightened stubbornness; need for music;
Description/Example:  Something like my parents relentlessly nagging me or treating me unfairly; my sister being an unreasonable brat

Level 9:
Symptoms:  Refusal to speak; elevated heart rate;
Description/Example:  A large, legitimate injustice that affects me or someone I love, especially at the hands of someone arrogant

Level 10:
Symptoms:  Trouble breathing; gritted teeth; eyes burning; dimming vision; spikes of adrenaline; barely restrained physical violence; fierce desire to make the perpetrator understand his/her wrong. Recalling a Level 10 event will bring back rage no matter how many years have passed.
Description/Example:  I can only ever remember being this angry four times in my life, and the range of provocation is hilariously broad. Instances range from a best friend refusing to guard an imaginary secret, to someone refusing to give credence to my opinion in a movie theater. What can I say, I'm weird.

I'm also really tired, so I probably shouldn't publish this yet, but I'm ready to be done with it XD


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