Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Only Pictures"

The title is in quotation marks because we all know how difficult it is for me to forgo using words. It's not impossible, but it's hard enough that I don't want to attempt it on a Sunday afternoon on three hours of restless sleep when I'm supposed to be in California right now. {The joys of flying standby continue.}

I'd like to answer the narcissistic question "Who am I?"

 This is Me.

 This is also me.

This used to be me.

I love books.

And tea.

And I sometimes have nightmares or sleepwalk, resulting in scenes like this.

But I really love dreams. A lot.

I have four best friends.




And Sam {of whom there are no serious solo pictures}

 I have been to Europe.

I have worn a grass skirt and seashell bra.

And I have had a broken heart.

I do this a lot, even though I'm almost not a teenager anymore.

 I have always been a dancer.

And a writer.

 And I might be able to do this, but I'm not actually sure.

 This describes how I feel about myself.

This is how I wish my hair looked.

This describes my sense of humor.

And this my philosophy of relationship.

And this of life.

I like unusual things.
And as always, I love Batman and heels.

That is all.



  1. i love this post. all of this post. you are lovely :)

  2. aaaannnnnnnddddd this would be why I adore you :). haha You're completely, insanely awesome and I really really hope that someday we get to meet face to face. Like for reals :)