Friday, August 23, 2013

Top 10 Favorite Possessions

Not the most sentimental. Not the most expensive. Not the most beautiful. Just my favorite things.

1. iPod ~ Not only do I love music, but Sarah saved up for like a year to be able to buy me this iPod classic for high school graduation :')

2. Ramen bowl ~ PC gave me this bowl for Christmas. It just makes me really happy. I eat ramen noodles fairly often in college and always carefully wash and replace the bowl on my shelf.

3. The "Mythical Dress" ~ For some reason, I just love this dress a lot. I've only worn it twice in my life, but it's one of my favorite possessions.

4. Halle ~ My little orchid C:

5. Batman mug ~ It's three times the size of a normal coffee mug, and it has Batman on it. I freaking love that mug.

6. Bed Friends + Batboy ~ I have three stuffed animals that I sleep with:  Charles, the Pilgrim bear; Real-Blank, my slightly dingy baby blanket; and Happy, my purple hippo. Little Batman/Batboy is not technically a Bed Friend, but I'm including him because he belongs on this list.

7. Fairystone cross ~ PC gave me a fairystone charm as a reminder of what's up. I've worn it for at least part of every day since April 14th.

8. Batman Converse ~ Sarah did it again by getting me Batman hightops for my birthday! {Oh crud, or was it Christmas? D:}

9. Ember bracelet ~ I got this at Disney world from a cute French Canadian guy who thought it was cool that I wrote books. But really I just like it because it's a more mature reminder of the Fire Fairy stories. I wear it all the time.

10. Blue and teal underwear ~ Yeah. I just have this one pair that I love a lot. *nods awkwardly* Sooo yeah. No pictures with this one.

What are some of your favorite possessions?



  1. I love this list! You always blog about the awesomest things. I need to take inspiration from you, and blog more often.

    My iPod is one of my fave things too! I got it on my 15th birthday, and I still use it. Four and a half years! The poor thing has seen so much of my weird music taste.

    I would say my books are my fave possessions. Not all of them, but certainly more than 50 of them (all by Stephen King). If anyone borrows one of them it feels like I've send a part of my soul along and I worry and fuss over my books like a paranoid mother. Haha!

    That Ember bracelet of yours is also really cool.

  2. Wow, thanks, Furree! :D

    iPods are like extensions of who we are :) I almost feel like they have personalities.

    Books are a good one. There's definitely a connection of the heart that happens when you love a good story.

    Thanks about the bracelet! I really do love it, hence its being on the list XD