Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Am Not An Outsider Part 1


A week ago today, I was doing terribly. I was furious at the world. I was furious at God, my parents, my friends, and anyone else who I felt had a hand in my being at Campbell and away from what I loved. I couldn't make myself study. I couldn't make myself smile. I couldn't make myself talk to people. I was deeply miserable.

Right now, I'm extremely swamped in school work. I didn't realize that November--and therefore several large projects--was coming up so fast. Good grief. It feels like it ought to still be August, but in reality, September is completely gone and October is quickly ending. My first semetser of college is more than halfway over. What?

But in the midst of school stress, I found some friends this weekend, when I wasn't even trying.

Friday night, Kirsten {one of my best friends from high school} came over and we painted nails while watching 17 Again. A guy from NCSL club named Kendric texted me asking to hang out. I didn't really care to, but Kirsten seemed encouraged by the invitation, so I figured it couldn't hurt to be social for a while.

The two of us went over to Kendric's hall lobby and talked for a few minutes. {He and Kirsten really hit it off. I think he might LIKE her. The feeling is not mutual.} After a few minutes he said he wanted to watch a movie, but he didn't have any.

"We have 17 Again," I said, laughing a little.

"Um..." He didn't seem really sold on that.

"I don't have a lot of movies here," I told him. "It's pretty much either 17 Again or Fight Club, and--"

"Fight Club?" Kendric perked up.  "You have Fight Club?"

That spread through the lobby and residence hall like fire.

"Fight Club?"

"She has Fight Club?"

"We're watching Fight Club?"

So I went and got the movie. Pretty soon there were like twenty-five guys sprawled around the lobby watching Brad Pitt and Edward Norton beat the snot out of each other. It was a pretty fun night. I didn't feel like an outsider for once. Fight Club won me insider points XD

I also like watching guys' reactions to my reactions. I really don't think it's that rare for a girl to appreciate blood, sarcasm, and innuendos, but everyone sure acts like it is.

We were up til 2am, and I was really tired and freezing on the way back to my dorm, but there was a cheesy warm glow inside of me. I didn't spend a Friday night totally alone. There actually IS a first time for everything--and I know it won't be the last.


  1. This makes me happy:). Ah I am also a girl who appreciates blood and such. It always surprises people, cuz apparently I don't look like that type haha

  2. Hey, the hurricane is all over the news here. Are you going to get hit by it?

  3. good lord do i miss moments like that. oh good gravy they are the best!