Monday, October 15, 2012

Who I Am Now

I'm the girl who knows the answer, but won't raise her hand because she's afraid of being wrong.

I'm the girl who's better at introducing herself than carrying on a conversation.

I'm the girl who's more likely to tell you that her best friend loves owls or that her boyfriend's a chemistry major than anything about herself.

I'm the girl whose stomach muscles could lift a truck but whose arms can't lift a small child more than ten times.

I'm the girl who loves pictures, but hardly takes any because she hates to miss out on the moment.

I'm the girl who confuses everyone with her constant sarcasm.

I'm the girl in the Batman T-shirt.

I'm the girl with outrageous surges of anger who somehow doesn't experience road rage.

I'm the girl who tries to wear Converse to formal events.

I'm the girl who calls out Adventure Time apparrel.

I'm the girl who is smarter than she is friendly, and yet spends all her mental energy on studying instead of trying to make friends.

I'm the girl who misses home because she likes the people better back there.

I'm the girl who asks a question and then forgets to listen to the answer.

I'm the girl likes the idea of a challenge better than actually taking it.

I'm the girl who feels both wrong and right everywhere she goes.

I'm the girl with plans, potential, and passion who sits on the computer and blogs about it instead of doing it.

This is who I am now.


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