Sunday, November 11, 2012

College Fragments

~ The weird moment when you can't remember if a phrase originated with you or your roommate, because you both use it now.

~ Guess what? You cannot make purchases at Wal-Mart using a Student ID card, nor will your room key start your car.

~ Shaving your legs is kind of barely a thing in college. No one looks. No one cares. No one will ever know {especially if your boyfriend is two hours away XD}.

~ I was doing my homework halfassedly today, and the age-old phrase leapt to mind, "You're cheating yourself. This isn't going to cut it when you get to college." Only then I realized that Oh Wait, It Is, and now I feel really baffled and lost. Does this mean I'll NEVER have to try?

~ I don't eat much all day, and I feel really good about myself. Then it gets to be like 8pm and I eat as much as I have all day in the next three hours.

~ There are only four more weeks of the semester. I have zero absences. Even though Campbell requires you to attend 85% of all your classes, I could no go to class twenty-five times in the next twenty days. {Edit:  now I have two absences XD}

~ Working on a paper for two hours and feeling really accomplished...then remembering it isn't your paper you were working on.

~ I should be reading Western Civ. I don't even have a good excuse as to why I'm not. I'm not even on Facebook. I'm not even texting. I'm just sitting here, looking around the room, desperate for distraction.

~ Thanksgiving break is in less than ten days.  Christmas break is in less than a month.  My first semester of college is quietly slipping away.  Weird.



  1. I laughed at most of the points! :)

  2. Glad to make you laugh :D Thanks for reading and commenting! It's good to have you back.