Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressing Up

Tonight, I dressed up.

Overall, I've been pretty down this week, but tonight, I had to go to a play for Theater 131 credit, and I decided to look nice.

Dark denim jeggings, a silver sequined top, actual jewelry, and silver high-heeld boots. I put on all the makeup I used to love and never wear now, and successfully ignored my chipped nail polish.

My hair looked amazing. It's getting longer than I like, but tonight it was shiney and wavy and pretty.

Maybe it's vanity, but I felt a lot better. Maybe it's pride, but it felt really good to be noticed again. I got five compliments before I even sat down at dinner. A popular guy said hello. Lance hugged me and told me I smelled good. Gerard said I looked nice. Tashinga straight up told me I looked hot, which oddly enough didn't bother me.

Back home, I was never the sidekick. I was never the wallflower. I was never the awkward one, the quiet one, the loner. Tonight, I got to remember how that felt, and I liked it.

I liked it a lot.

But I like to think it wasn't the nice clothes that did it. I like to think it was the confidence that echoed in my footsteps and edged my tone. The mischief that shined through my smile and my carefully-lined eyes. I like to think people noticed me because, for the first time in a long time, I had noticed myself.

I might dress up more often.


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  1. Pretty girl! It's not vanity or pride if you feel good about yourself. I think it's great to really make an effort to look presentable and nice. You deserved all those compliments :)