Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Level of Closeness

I guess I was just feeling narcissistic one day and started this post about how I interact with various groups of people.  I found it today and decided it looked like a more fun project than my National Government paper, so I completed it.

As the levels progress, they also include all the traits of lower levels {unless they're obviously exclusive, like making you wave to me versus waving to you first}.

5: Hey, I Just Met You
If I think you might be powerfully awesome or important, I'm relatively quiet and use eyebrow movements as substitutes for speaking. If I think you're pretty transparent and non-threatening, I talk a lot and make obscure references.

4: I Know You, But I Dunno If You Know Me
I make you wave to me first in public.
I feel comfortable carrying on a conversation with you, and will make comments with my voice as well as my eyebrows.
I'd accept you as a Facebook friend.

3: We're Friends
I wave to you first in public.
I have your phone number.
I'd lend you money.
I'd let you role the dice for me in a game if I had to go to the bathroom or something.

2: We're Pretty Tight
I insult you.
I've called you on the phone.
I'd borrow money from you.
You know that I'm a writer.
You've been to one of my dance recitals.

1: The Inner Circle
I insult you and don't apologize.
I forget to formally invite you to things because I assume you'll know to show up.
I'd authorize you to make legitimate decisions on my behalf if I was impaired.
You know where cups, straws, silverware, and ibuprofen are at my house.
You have successfully convinced me to change my mind about anything.
You've seen my writing.

0. Classified {Shh. First rule of the Classified Level...}
You know my passwords.
You know that I struggle with masochistic guehh. {and I know you in real life.}
You've seen me cry.


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