Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Five Ways

I'm not always the easiest person to be friends with. A lot of people plain don't like me. So if you're one of those people just looking for a way out, here is the post for you.

Five Ways To Drive Me Away:

1. Insult Adventure Time. I had a girl notice my Adventure Time shirt today. "I watched a couple of episodes," she said. "I was disappointed. Cartoon Network used to be GOOD." If I hadn't already disliked the girl, that unnecessary comment alone would have done it.

2. Point out that my feet are gross. There's nothing like hanging out with some friends and having one point out a spot of dry skin on your foot that "needs to be taken care of."

3. Use atrocious texting grammar. I can deal with the occasional "u" or ridiculous use of "lol," but when an average text from you reads "Oh lol ah that's suckys we'll better pack as much in as u can" or "Lol ye tmrw shud n fun day," I can only be but so involved with you.

4. Disrespect my musical taste. You think Linkin Park is "just noise"? That's cool. And by "cool" I mean "a rude and abominable opinion that should not be thrown at me so cavalierly."

5. Touch me excessively. I'm not a hugging person, but a Hello hug and a Goodbye hug make plenty of social sense. However, if you are constantly brushing my arm, poking my side, or--God forbid--trying to lean a body part against me, we're just not gonna work out.

What are some friendship deal-breakers for you guys?



  1. Hmmm my list would be....

    1)Put my family or something I obviously strongly believe in, down. It's just plain rude. I'm extremely protective or my family. and when it comes to something I obviously believe in, I get that not everyone is going to have my opinion, but if you put it down when you know how I feel... that's just trying to start a fight, and it's not OK.

    2)You're going to have to be a REALLY amazing person if you cuss constantly (like just in normal conversation) and/or dress like a hooker.
    I cuss when I'm mad, and I have plenty of people in my life who cuss, but I'm not gonna be close with you if you do it all the time just cuz.
    I also have friends who dress sluty, but as people, they're amazing, so I over look their style choices.

    3) If you can't handle my humming. I'm really sorry if it annoys you, but it's something I do without even knowing it's happening most of the time. It's just who I am, deal with it.

    There's probably more, but those are some big ones :).

  2. oh geez. i'm so non confrontational that i tend to just let a lot of things slide that maybe i shouldn't. but what really drives me away is dishonesty in the relationship and self-sabotaging insecure girls who create drama because they have nothing better to do with their lives. yuck.

  3. Alana:
    1) Definitely yes.
    2) Gah, right? I can mostly only handle cussing in a stressful situation or if it's done occasionally with style. And slutty dressing certainly puts the breaks on my positive feelings from a person.
    3) Haha, that's interesting. I didn't know you hummed a lot.

    Natalie: Hallelujah on the dishonesty! And yesssss. Oh my gosh, I hate that so much. It makes me want to agree with them when they constantly post "ugly" pictures on Facebook or complain about their bodies in public all the time.

    Jamie: Huh. That's also interesting. I wonder if humming would bother you.

    Thanks, guys :)


    1. Humming is good. It's just the whistling.