Saturday, November 23, 2013

{Like, Love, Hate}

I did this tag almost three years ago...I glimpsed it while going through some old posts, and decided to do it quickly before reading my old answers. I wonder how I've changed.

12 Likes, 1 Love, 8 Hates.

I like chocolate milk.
I like singing harmony.
I like Dean Winchester.
I like deep, difficult questions.
I like how the bass feels in your chest at the club.
I like getting letters.
I like Batman.
I like exchanging knowing looks.
I like nightmares.
I like writing.
I like being at James's.
I like the TV show Friends.

I love... {Suddenly I'm petrified and unable to answer this question. I've only been given 1 Love. That's a lot of pressure. That's a lot of significance. That's serious.}

I hate gray area.
I hate the smell of beer.
I hate when people show me tons of Youtube videos.
I hate driving the speed limit.
I hate the show Ridiculousness.
I hate winter.
I hate feeling trapped.
I hate getting a tickle in my throat.

I'm curious as to why there's only one Love allowed, but then a bunch of Hates instead of Dislikes.

Click HERE to read my original answers. After reading them over, I've concluded two things:

1) I used to be a lot more interesting XD
2) I'll always hate feeling trapped.


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