Friday, March 11, 2011

{Like, Love, Hate}

Thanks for following, Dandalily :) Right now Blogger is being stupid and not letting me follow you back. But don't worry, I'm gonna keep trying.

Speaking of Dandalily, I got this tag from her. I'm not sure I understand the rules 100%, but basically, here it is.

Fill in 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates. The bold things are what you must include. Tag three people and link back to them, as well as link back to me.

I like boys with strong principles and girls who aren't judgmental.
I like
I like feeling needed.
I like waking up to bright sunlight.
I like making lists.
I like going to restaurants where you can color on the tablecloth.
I like being scared with other people.
I like finding patterns in the stars.
I like talking late at night when everyone is too tired to care about "awkward."
I like going to bed a little bit hungry in the summertime.
I like swimming in the lake.
I like feeling like I have lots of brothers and sisters.

I love feeling like myself (I'm gonna have to steal that one, Dandalily. It's perfect.).

I hate Satan.
I hate people who aren't in touch with reality.
I hate being ganged up on.
I hate when people lie to me.
I hate being suuuuuper full.
I hate the part of me that struggles with addiction.
I hate touchy-feely, but in a way, it's sometimes nice.
I hate being trapped.
I hate when people refuse to admit they're wrong.

Kinda cool :) I'll tag anyone reading this. Let me know if you do it so I can come read yours.



  1. oh my lovely steph, i love your list of likes and hates... (except for the nightmare part). and i would probably do this too :) thanks for the sweet comment, dear. i'm following ♥

  2. It is not too much you know. I have to say that i completely love that picture, and it is so inspiring and also so mysterious. Thank you for the comment by the bye.

  3. Haze: Thanks :) Yeah, I'm not sure why I love nightmares, but I do. I love the adrenaline and the terror, and then waking up and realizing that I've had great adventures and am perfectly safe in bed. I'll follow you back as soon as Blogger stops being stupid XD

    Sanae: I love it too! I can't even remember how I found it. It also matched the blog, so that was a plus XD


  4. I LOVE this tag. It's definitely one of the best going around blogger.

  5. Agreeeed. It's finally something original :D



    What can I say, ya inspired me lol!