Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inside My Head

Verbatim, things I've said to myself today...

Yes, bouncing your leg in class gives off exactly the laid-back-and-fun vibe you were going for. Let's keep THAT up.

O.o What have you done? You actually look cute today. Good...good job.

Hey, so I know you probably don't know this, but you're not really supposed to wave scissors near your eyes like that.

It's cool that you get to control the temperature of your room here. That way you get to blame yourself when you're freezing all the time.

I have to find someone to travel the world with.

Stop. Just because you know when the Reformation started doesn't make you a better person than he is. ...except you still think it does, so whatever.

Apparently you picked the major with no attractive people whatsoever. How are you the only non-gross English student?

"Call Me" is painfully perfect. Maybe Shinedown is one of those bands whose songs will always mean more to me as I grow up and "get" life more.

Really? Sexy Milton Professor ALSO teaches Brit Lit I? this good or bad?

How can Bekah do anything intelligent with Pranked on in the background? My brain is melting.

Huh. I must just be too old to go clubbing with freshman. I kind of feel like shooting myself.



  1. HAHAHA the only people that can really hang out with freshmen are other freshmen. i mean, there are exceptions to every rule, but really.

    1. Yeah XD I just kept staring at them in horror, and wanting to apologize to everyone around us, and wishing I had written "I swear I don't approve" on my forehead in Sharpee.