Sunday, January 26, 2014

Twenty Things... do the year I am twenty.

It's coming up fast...

1. Go to a music festival
2. Make a pie from scratch
4. Read twelve books
5. Watch a really good horror movie
6. Buy dinner for my family
7. Choreograph a dance
8. Learn all the lyrics to Eminem's "Rap God" (...jeezus, this'll be the hardest thing I do all year XD)
9. Go on a blind date
10. Watch all the Movies of the Year since I was born
12. Be part of a triathlon team
13. Finish a piece of writing that I'm proud of
14. Make a grilled cheese using an iron
15. Write at the Farm
16. Get my eyebrows done
17. Read "Paradise Lost"
18. Go in an abandoned building
19. Go to Ashville for summer solstice
20. Say "I love you" to someone out loud, and mean it



  1. woo! this is a great list. personally, i really want to know how number 14 turns out. hahaha