Tuesday, January 28, 2014

About that Current Obsession...

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As you might have noticed, one of my {CurrentObsessions} (look to the right. That list. There. Yeah.) is "falling in love."

At first, I almost hated him. He was selfish, inarticulate, sloppy, and basically unintelligent. He also did drugs, which puts anyone at the bottom of my favorites list. He didn't appear to possess a single desirable quality. This went on for a long time.

I don't know when it started to change. I know that sounds cliche, but it honestly felt like one day, I just realized that my feelings were different--powerfully different. His eyes looked beautiful.

He made some very key lifestyle changes. They revealed a heart of audacious strength and fierce loyalty, but it wasn't like that flipped a switch in my mind. It did feel kind of sudden, but I think it was gradual.

I started to see streaks of genuine honor in him, and then those streaks turned to bold stripes, which melded together and formed a final, proud, loyal, honorable soul. Suddenly I noticed his words flowing smoother, his intentions growing truer, his priorities getting straighter.

Even in the face of horrific situations, he stood his ground. Out of honor, he protected even those who didn't even deserve his loyalty.

His whole demeanor has changed. Instead of radiating "punk," "junkie," "twerp," and "weasel," he now radiates qualities like authority, cunning, loyalty, and resourcefulness. Every action he takes, every word he speaks, I respect.

After his initial, long-lasting poor impression, I never expected to find him sexy. But I do. His eyes are fierce; his walk is confident; his voice is hot. I must confess:

I, Peripeteia readers, am hopelessly in love with Jesse Pinkman.


P.S. Absolutely no potentially spoilerific comments, people. I'm only in Season 4.


  1. oh my gosh i just died. jesse pinkman. HA. haha. hahaha.

    i haven't seen the whole of the seasons, just bits and spots here and there. but i've heard it's just simply fantastic.

    also, i was totally reading this as if it were a real person that you met at school and that's part of where I found it so hilarious that it wasn't. i was all prepared for one thing and then it was something different!

  2. oh wow. YOU GOT ME. haahahaahahahahahahahahahaha