Tuesday, January 7, 2014

So, Today

Apparently, I've been confused about the definition of "cold" my whole life. I should have been using "pretty mild, compared to what January 2014 will hold."
I've had to decide that I'm into scarves, because otherwise, I might die.
I met a transfer student named Allie who now lives on my hall. She's a pre-pharm major and her first class is calculus tomorrow at 8am. God bless her. She seems really cool.

I watched movies with Anna (Devil Wears Prada and something with the actress from My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and had dinner with her.

I looked over my Latin textbook. I may have bitten off more than my jaws can even close around. Who skips Latin levels 1-3 and decides to try her hand at Latin IV because hey, she's good with languages and she took Latin a lot in grade school? MEEEEEE. *smiles weakly*  Apparently I think a lot of myself.

My first class is tomorrow at 9:  International Relations with my favorite professor and adviser, Dr. Thornton. I'm very comfortable with his style, so I think it's a good first class.

Bekah has an 8am though, so I'll probably be disturbed before I actually have to wake up. Murrrr.

This semester is going to be so incredibly different. I know I've been saying that the whole time I've been in college, but...

Trust me. This time it's uncontrollably for real.


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  1. i think every semester will be different while you're in college. and then for a long time after that things will constantly be changing. i'm learning this about life. it's never how you plan or how you think it'll be. well, almost never. there are these rare beautiful moments where things just line up exactly how you planned, but those are few and far between. soak it up :)