Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 2


No, I'm not really posting. I mean, I am, but I'm writing this on June 26th and scheduling it to post, um, now.

By this time I think I should be in Spain. I will have packed my bags (45lb only), left my family, gotten on a plane for the first time, stopped in Texas, and then flown over the Atlantic for about 10 hours.

I will probably be panicking, having an upset stomach, and praying a lot. I'll be scared out of my mind and wonder what I've done, going across the ocean to another continent for the better part of a month. I'll want to get out of this.

But I won't, and I won't tell anyone but you. Because remember, Pandora is all about keeping it real.

Keep watching for more scheduled posts from yours truly.



  1. You probably won't read these until you get back but, yeah, you'll feel all of those things, but after you get back you'll be so glad you went. Have fun and be safe :)

  2. My father is from Spain. Last time I checked, it is a lovely place to fall in love and never return to where you come from. Hola chica! Buen viaje!