Sunday, July 3, 2011

N Wich I Cumplane Bout Speling

Does this bother anyone else?

I'm not even talking about the age-old there/they're/their issue. I'm talking about just. plain. BAD. SPELLING.

Just this past week I have seen the following words butchered:

riddance ~ riddens {So...more than one ridden...}
conceited ~ conceded {So you admit to this ineptitude?}
conquered ~ concurred {Do you agree with this?}
ours ~ ars {Just say ass, okay?}
exact ~egsact {I've been sacked by worse.}

This is just sad, guys. I mean, typos are one thing. Bad grammar is another. But please, if you're this bad at spelling, run your sentences through Microsoft Word or something. Switch to Firefox. You can at least conceal your ignorance until we meet face to face.



  1. You're right - this is extremely annoying!

  2. Eye dunnna wut uir talken abut. Dese wurds luuk raight ta meh. ;)

    I had a guy email me that he was looking for his "speckle someone," which, clearly, was not me. lol. (I'm pure alabaster sans speckles of any kind). ;)

    Drives me nuts too. When reading those wonderful online dating profiles, I give them one pass. Sure everyone can have a typo (especially online, I type too fast and hit send too fast, so typos, I can understand somewhat), but when the whole profile demonstrates that:
    1. they don't know how to spell anything properly, and
    2. they don't give a crap enough to run spell check--then I can't date them. Stupid is one thing, stupid AND lazy is whole other ballgame. lol

    I mean, is it possible? Could they really not know that they can't spell?? At this age/point in life, shouldn't spell check be mandatory if you know, or should have known, that you can't arrange letters in the correct order at all?

    I think what I hate even more than poor spelling, grammar, and the your/too/there issues, is when people just use a word that sounds similar even though it is, in fact, an entirely different word. Just like, eh it's close enough, or they don't care/bother to learn the real words. Are we the only people who know any vocabulary anymore?? It sure feels like it. (i.e. your “conceded/conceited--or reading incorrect written words/sayings such as "I have the kids in TOE"--to which I replied (couldn't help it!) the kids aren't in your TOE you idiot!!!! It's TOW!!!! How does the other even make sense??)

    And apparently, I’m a huge bitch (please see my blog for confirmation lol) b/c I have to physically stop my mouth from shooting off and correcting them. Turns out, men who are “trying” to date me don’t really love that so much...and yet, I just can’t stop! LOL!!!!

    (sorry this is the longest comment ever, but your blog made my morning!!! And I'm hoping I have at least one typo for kicks) ;)

  3. Hazel: Tis, tis.

    Foxy: Ahahaha, I seriously enjoyed your ridiculously long comment :D The longer the better {lol ;)}. I'm totally with you. Stupid AND lazy? Okay, that's just unacceptable XD


  4. i totally agree. i think it's a huge part of the school system in america too, but you know. we keep cutting the budget, so what's a girl to do? other countries consider americans to be stupid, and yet we keep perpetuating the stereotype. go us.