Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 8

I feel like I'll be in France today. I still haven't actually checked the itinerary *shameful wince*. I know.

Soo. France. At least I know the food is supposed to be good. And French sounds so pretty. And it's all about fashion and stuff, so it's probably at least classy and clean. I'm assuming. Totally assuming. I am basing that on nothing.

As I write these little scheduled posts I can't help but become more and more NERVOUS. I can't believe that as you're reading this, I'll be in FRANCE. In EUROPE.

But I think I'll have fun. I think I'm HAVING fun as you read this.

Croissant anyone?



  1. Mmm I'd love a croissant right now! You tease! lol

  2. Since you won't read these until you get back, I hope it's going well and yaba daba doo!