Monday, April 2, 2012

Blogger Pet Peeves Again

Because people annoy me more every day ;P

{Note: if you do any of these things, don't sweat it. I probably don't hate you. These are pet peeves, not Ways to Make It Onto My Hit List.

Hm. THAT would be an interesting post...}

1. People who follow their own blogs. The only possible point to this is boosting your follower count.
2. People who ask you to follow their blog. This probably doesn't bother everyone, but I'm the kind of person who rebels against such suggestions. If your blog is good, it will speak for itself. No spamming necessary.
3. People who use the word "lovely" as a substitute for every other positive adjective. Come on people. Distend your nomenclature.
4. People who constantly refer to how awesome they are. This peeve goes without saying. As should one's awesomeness.
5. People who never respond to comments. I understand being busy, so this doesn't bother me unless it really is NEVER. People are taking time to express their thoughts to you. The least you can do is acknowledge them.
6. People who cannot spell. Now, to a point I totally sympathize. I can't spell either. But when you spell ridiculous "redicalus"...there's a problem.



  1. Haha, following your own blog is equivalent to liking your own status on facebook.

  2. Hahaha well the only reasonable explanation I can find about following your own blog is to see how it looks from the other side. I've considered it before, not because I want to boost my follower account, but because sometimes I want to see if my posts show up on my Dashboard properly because there have been cases where they haven't shown up, or pop up a day after I post them. Blogger's a weird thing.

    Hahahaha I'm so guilty of #4, but it's always heavily drenched in sarcasm. Though I do worry sometimes that my sarcasm doesn't translate well online so people think I actually think I'm awesome/hilarious/hot bahahaha.

  3. G-Fish: Right?

    Jay: Why, thank you.

    Anna: If that's the case, I think the blogger should follow his or her blog anonymously. And sarcasm-drenched bragging can be hilarious. It's just the people who actually seem to believe they are God's gift to the blogosphere that bother me.


  4. I follow my own blog, but it's not to get more followers! I didn't even think of that until you said it. I follow it so that I can make sure everything is showing up correctly on Google Reader. Sometimes I catch formatting errors with paragraphs and pictures on other people's blogs, so I want to make sure there aren't any mistakes on mine. Also, sometimes if I read a post again when it's up on Google Reader, I catch mistakes that I didn't in Wordpress because I had been looking at the same page for way too long. But I get what you mean... I'm sure a lot of people DO follow their own blogs just to get more followers. It's just definitely not the ONLY reason.