Friday, April 13, 2012


What I was going to do today:  Have the Friday the 13th Party I've wanted to have since I was twelve.

What I'm actually doing today:  Going to visit the college that I don't want to love but am probably going to end up going to.

Yup. I'm off to Furman University in South Carolina today. And tomorrow?

I'm going to Italy.

I know it's terrible, but I kind of...don't want to go :( My life is insanely busy and actually GOOD right now. I can't even explain how much I don't want to leave it at this time. But I have to. For two weeks.

And it'll probably be amazing. Just please keep our safety in your thoughts and prayers, because as the day draws near...the worrywart in me is starting to panic XD



  1. Whatever you decide I think it's worth giving Furman an honest look. I'm sure you'll know with more confidence what to do after. I hope.

    As for Italy, I'm excited for your whole family! My last (final) family vacation was in '06 to Hawaii and I decided that whatever happened I would be happy no matter what. And it was one of the best times of my life. Stay safe and have fun :)

  2. Let yourself enjoy Italy. I'm beyond jealous that you're going and I'm not. I will be praying for you !

  3. you're coming! wow, it's really an honor! where?