Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When You Have to Be Home Alone

For me, that sentence suggests freedom and promise and getting things done. However, for a lot of people, Being Home Alone means hours of emptiness and chilling solitude. Not to mention boredom.

But we are going to mention boredom, because that's what this post is about. How NOT to die of boredom when you're forced to face your own company for an extended period of time.

Taken from/inspired by Wiki-How.

1. Turn your radio to a new station.
2. Cook something. Mix. Match. Experiment. Explore.
3. Call a friend. Don't text. Actually call, like with your voice and everything.
4. Make lists. What makes you happy? What are some movies you want to see? What would you do with a million dollars?
4. Do something creative. It doesn't even have to be WORTH something. If you're desperate enough, something really lame becomes amazing. Take a toilet paper tube and decorate it, for sanity's sake.
5. Take a 20 minute nap.



  1. No toilet paper tube is safe now that I have this idea rushing through my brain...


  2. I actually like being home alone, especially if the house was noisy for a while.

  3. Ginger: I did so many different things with toilet paper tubes when I was little. We were poor XD

    Jay: I do too. But it wigs some people out.