Thursday, June 7, 2012


So, a while ago I posted the link to my Johari profile. That's a place where you select five or six personality traits that you see in yourself, then ask others to pick traits that they see in you.

It's especially interesting to see what your Blind Spots {things others see in your that you don't see in yourself} are and what's part of your Facade {things you think of yourself that others do NOT see in you}.

For myself, I picked the traits Complex, Confident, Intelligent, Logical, Reflective and Witty.

And I recently noticed something:

My Facade is empty. At least one other person has picked all of those traits to describe me. I don't think anything of myself that you all don't recognize also.

For some reason, that was really cool to me. One of my biggest goals with Pandora is to be 100% myself, and it looks like so far I'm not fooling anyone. I love that.

What's also interesting to me is my Blind Spot: the traits that I DIDN'T pick for myself, but that you guys see.

60% of you say I'm clever.
40% of you say I'm observant.

I'd love to be clever, but I didn't pick that trait for myself. The occurrence of the Observant trait, however, made me laugh.

Guys, I'm ridiculously unobservant. As in, it's actually a joke among my friends and family. You could leave my birthday presents unwrapped in the middle of the floor and I'd walk over them without noticing. My unbiological brother got a girlfriend and I didn't even pick up on it until a month into the relationship.

Then there's the Unknown category, which is filled with traits that I don't see in myself--and neither does anyone else XD I'm pleased to say that I totally agree with most of the unpicked traits especially


I am none of those things, and I'm glad I haven't unintentionally given you the wrong impression of my character XD

Oh, except that I'm also not Modest, and I AM Proud, as evidenced by the fact I just spent an entire post talking only about myself and my personality. Self-absorbed, so it would seem.

You should make your own Johari profile. I {clearly} find it fascinating. Click HERE to do that.

If you want to maybe go pick the Proud trait for me after reading this, click HERE. Don't worry about offending me. Sensitive isn't one of my traits XD



  1. Hey :) My Johari window is here, if you'd like to take it.

    -Lauren (too lazy to log in)