Friday, June 1, 2012

May I?

:3 Hi. Sorry. I'm here. I haven't felt like blogging lately, so I haven't. Sometimes I get a good idea, but I just start the post, save it as a draft and go do other things. It may be a self-discipline issue. In fact, I'm pretty much positive that it is XD

Life has been good lately. Kind of. It seems good to me right now, as I write this, although if I survey things carefully, I remember a bunch of times where I've freaked out about various things.

May was full. Fullllllllllllllllll. There were hardly two days together where I didn't have something going on. In fact, I wonder if there were. I'm curious now. You may not be, and that's fine, but I think I'm going to look into my calendar/memory and see exactly what went down in May.

May 4: Leadercast {an all-day conference}
May 5: See "The Avengers" with Kirsten, James, and Sam
May 7: Leave for the beach
May 8-11: Beeeeeach
May 11: Go see Radio Reds
May 12: Prom
May 13: Mothers' Day
May 16: Try to get graduation announcements
May 17: Try
May 18: Dance recital; try to get graduation announcements...third failure.
May 19: Major dance recital
May 20: Dance recital; watch Adventure Time with Sam; try and succeed in getting graduation announcements done
May 22: Watch "Clue" with Cassidy
May 24: Sam and I play Go-Fish at Starbucks
May 25: Performance company party; Daddy's birthday
May 26: My graduation; Sam's graduation
May 27: "The Avengers" with friends; Sam comes over
May 28: Memorial Day lake party; Sam comes over
May 29: Sam comes over
May 30: Get graduation presents for friends; trampoline park with Sam
May 31: Ellie's graduation

So yeah. Wow. May was intense. June? It's gonna be intense also. And I'm loving almost every minute of it.

Senior summer here I come.


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