Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear December Me

A letter I wrote myself the first week of college

Dear December Me.

Hopefully you had a really happy, productive first semester at Campbell. Right now, I don't even know what that would look like. The thought that I am really starting COLLEGE is overwhelming and frankly a little unwanted. I miss Sam a lot, and the thought of us not being together paralyzes me.

Are you still together? Please don't have hurt him. If he hurt you, remember:  You got over him once before, you can do it again. There IS A guy out there for you.

If you're still with him, I'm really glad. But do it for the right reasons. Whatever that means.

I hope you and Cassidy are still best friends. I hope the distance hasn't been a problem. It really shouldn't be. You guys are two sides to the same soul. If you've drifted apart, pleeeeeeeease try to reconnect. You'll never find anyone like her, and you know it. Don't let being depressed or overwhelmed come between the world's best friendship.

I hope you studied, and did your math homework.

Remember how scared you were of being dumb and behind? Hopefully those fears were unfounded.

I hope you're still keeping up with your blog, family, and God.

I hope you've applied to Wake.

I hope this letter doesn't depress you.

Make good choices. Merry Christmas :)

~ Last-Day-of-2012-Summer-Steph


  1. how cool :) I wish I would have done something like that when i started college.

  2. Aw :3 I think we've done pretty good! Haha XD

  3. Natalie: My RAs organized a write-a-letter-to-yourself party the first week :) It was right up my ally XD

    Cass: :D I do too.