Friday, December 21, 2012

Revelations of Mundane Size

When I wrote my post about dying happy, it didn't even occur to me how fun and appropriate it was, being near the end of the world and all. That's probably because the apocalypse hasn't been in the front of my mind. In fact, it probably wouldn't be in my mind at all if it weren't for the End of the World party one of my friends is having on the 21st.

{I'm having trouble deciding what to wear. Should I wear my blackish shirt and black pants, my black shirt and black pants, or my black piece of black clothing with black accents and my black pants?}

Yeah, I'm not really a believer. So the ancient Mayan guy got a hand cramp and stopped writing the calendar. I mean, even ancient scholars get bored and tired. Get over it.

But what if the world did end? Am I happy enough to die?

If the world ends tomorrow...

~ I'll have experienced the true, deep, once-in-a-lifetime friendship I always read about in books.
~ I'll have loved and dated only one guy.
~ I'll have finally, successfully dyed my hair red.
~ I'll have had my first kiss.
~ I'll never have gotten married or had kids.
~ I'll never have written  a book I was proud of.
~ I'll have been to seven countries.
~ I'll have completely avoided food poisoning, strep throat, and bee stings.
~ I'll have neglected my relationship with God.
~ I'll have all As and a B in college.
~ I'll have seen a shooting star.
~ I'll never have paid taxes.
~ I'll have written a letter to Santa.
~ I'll have finally found my jeggings.

All things considered, not too bad. If the world ends, I'll die mostly happy. If it doesn't, I'll have time to seize the day and work on my regrets :)

Happy Apocalypse.


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