Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Natalie Liebes Me

Yeah, I'm totally aware that that is incorrect German grammar. But I don't feel like getting the German textbook right now. Hm? No, that is NOT it sitting two feet away from me. What are you talking about? Go away.

Edit: *Natlie Liebt Me

Natalie tagged me again :3 Since I just did the whole 11 Facts About Me thing, can I please just...not? 'Kay cool.

Natalie's Questions
1. What is one thing you've never tried before but really want to? Huh. I did not expect this to be the hardest and last question I answered. Probably punch someone as hard as I can. I've never done that. I'd like to know if I can inflict a decent amount of damage before my life depends on it.
2. If you could pick one new instrument to play, what would it be? Guitar. It's not exactly new, since it's the instrument I play the most, but, like, I hardly play XD I'd like to. Next would probably be piano. Or drums. Or fiddllllllle. That's be cool.
3. What is your absolute favorite book of all time? And if you can't pick just one, give me your top three. Thank you for giving the "top three" option XD There's no way I could pick one. I definitely love the Mortal Instruments books. Inkheart is a timeless favorite of mine (I wouldn't continue with Inkspell and Inkdeath though). Lastly, I'm gonna go with Tex. S.E. Hinton is just brilliant. Such a writer.
4. Favorite thing to drink? Well, it used to be Coca-Cola, but now I've given up soda XD *sigh* Maybe...Arizona raspberry tea? :)
5. What's the question you get asked most often and how do you feel about that? "Oh, you're a writer. What do you write?" I hate that question a lot. It depends on what you mean, when I'm writing, how I feel, where I am. If I tell you I write poetry, I'll get a sappy or condescending response. If I tell you I write fantasy, I'll get a dismissive or intrusive response. If I shrug and say, "I dunno, a lot of different stuff," you'll write me off as an attitudinally-challenged teenager. Writers just can't win.
6. What age do you most often get accused of being? Younger than I am. It kind of really irritates me.
7. How did you meet your best friend? Cassidy just started coming to church a few years ago. I became close to her sort of by accident, really. She ended up sleeping at our house a lot because of her dad's weird work schedule.
8. Favorite holiday tradition? On Christmas Day, my family has Christmas Brunch, made of delicious breakfast food, including Daddy's famous buttermilk biscuits. We invite certain families that are really close to us, as well as anyone who's going to be alone for Christmas :) It's such a fun, beautiful time.
9. What's the biggest mistake you've ever made? Not applying to Wake Forest earlier. Hands down. A relatively distant second would be wasting time being depressed about something that would make sense later.
10. How old were you when you realized what you wanted to do with your life? I've never NOT known what I wanted to do with my life. However, it changes every few years XD Now, when it counts the most, I'm the most unsure. I'd love to teach, but not in the public school system. I'd love to be a lawyer, but not go through law school. Mostly I want to dance and write, but I can't put together how to make a living at either/both of those things.
11. What's your favorite thing to wear? Black and gray. Heels. PC's hoodie. Bright colored jeggings.

Aaaaaaaand Alana tagged me back too! Feel free to skip over the rest of this narcisism, folks XD But I'm answering the questions.

Alana's Questions
1) What is one band/artist that you will NEVER grow out of or get sick of? Relient K. They're timeless. Their lyrics, sound, and sense of humor are perfect.
2)Do you prefer matte, glossy, or glittery nail polish? I've never had matte, and I've always wanted some. From what I have tried, probably glittery :3 Nail polish is one of the few venues where I go girly.
3)Favorite Tv show of all time? If you can't choose just one, pick your top 3. Friends, Batman: The Animated Series, and Arthur (the children's show).
4) Favorite Christmas song? God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, followed closely by O Come O Come Emmanuel.
5) What do you spend most of you time doing on the computer? Probably surfing Facebook. Or gmail chatting.
6) Cat or dog person? Cat. But I'm allergic. *sigh*
7) Cut flowers or a plant? A plant, I think. I don't like flowers very much, except orchids, and you can keep and grow a plant.
8) Favorite season(in what state?)? Summer in North Carolina :D
9) Are beards (groomed ones) sexy/ handsome on guys? It depends a lot on the guy. But mostly yes, which is weird because I used to really hate them. Like until a couple of years ago.
10) What's something that you do during your week that you'd be lost without it? Dance. I AM lost without it now XD
11) Are you closer to you mom, dad, or neither? ...huh. Prolly my mom now, which, if you've been following for a while, you know is a really massive, unexpected shift.



  1. I think it's awesome that You picked Relient K, cuz that would be my answer TOO! haha

  2. hahaha oh mans! i love all your answers. and i'm gonna check out inkheart probably. i've heard from several people now that it's good.

    and also, i love that you are trying to learn german. if you want help sometime i can try. i'm tutoring one of my students after school in german. it's such a fun language!

  3. i once punched someone, it was really weird. i'm a non-violent type of person so it definitely was strange for me.


    i ♥ beards as well! but only specific styles.

    i answered your questions on my blog, too! :)