Sunday, December 9, 2012


When you realize that having your two hardest finals on Monday is actually the worst thing that's ever happened to you, you might choose to:

- Wallow in the floor with your sweatshirt hood up, repeating "This is the worst thing ever."

- Stare into your teacup and blink at relatively regular intervals.

- Think, "Maybe if I ignore it, it'll just go away."

- Procrastinat--oh wait, you've already done that to the point where you've basically screwed yourself over.

- Pretend you've already finished. Pack your things and prepare to leave the campus.

- Give yourself a manicure with your teeth.

- Whimper.

- Write a blog post.

- Study?



  1. Oh my gosh thank you for writing this. I don't even know what I'm going to do. There is no possible way I'm going to know all of this.

    I've been doing nothing for the past 3 days hoping it would just go away. I think I've dissociated to the point of madness

  2. the manicure with your teeth made me laugh out loud. you'll be fine! it'll all be over soon. deep breaths!!

  3. I have a super hard exam this Thursday. The chance of you passing it the first time around is 30%. I've been watching movies/series online for the past week in between studying. My mind refuse to make me study harder. The stresssss.

  4. Lex: Ahhh, right?!?! It's MADNESS.

    Natalie: :3 Thanks. You're right. God only knows how, but I pulled it off :D

    Hanis: Ah, best of luck!! Try to make yourself study hard for a certain amount of time, then give yourself a break.