Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hair Personalities

We aren't supposed to judge people. But it occurred to me last night that if you're going to do it, hair is a strangely accurate judge of personality.

My hair is dark, tempermental, and worn natural. It despises authority {no curling iron, straightener, or hair spray can break it}, but will occasionally do beautiful, cool things on its own.

Cassidy's hair is dark, silky, and luxurious. {Basically the most goregous hair I've ever seen, no big deal.} It also refuses to go against its will, but it's consistent and tasteful enough not to be a problem.

Sam's hair is thick, red, and also has a mind of its own. It stands out. It attracts compliments and comments. It never even tries to be understated, but it almost always works.

Sarah's hair is a mature, lovely blonde, which contrasts with her dark eyebrows. It's a little fluffy {which she dislikes}, a little unlucky at times, but the color and quality are phenomenal.

Daniel's hair is dark, short, and closely monitored. It's never too long, and it's really obvious when it's been coached into a certain look. It has trouble looking comfortable and natural even when it actually is.

Bekah's hair is bright yellow and obviously dyed. It's hott and eye-catching, but thin and perfectly straight.

Nicole's hair is jet black, each strand a tight coil of gelled ringlets. It's high-maintenance and not very versatile, but 100% natural. No fronts.

Tori changes her hair color every year or so. However, it's always glossy, perfectly styled, and parted like hairdressers do. A lot of work goes into that hair, and even though you sort of know it's false advertising, it's still really glossy.

What is your hair saying about you? Do you think it's accurate?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how self-conscious have I made you feel just now? XD



  1. hmmm my hair is dark, curly and yes, frizzy at times.Yet it's pretty easy actually. what does that say about me?

  2. Cass: :)

    Alana: I would say it means you're complex and unique, but surprisingly easy to get along with.