Friday, October 25, 2013

Sensitive? ...Nah

I don't cry particularly often. However, in the past two weeks, a completely unprecedented number of things have brought me to, or close to, tears. I ask you:

What the heck?

Things That Have Made Me Feel Like Crying
1. An episode of the Twilight Zone
2. The fact that no one listens to my adorable environmental science professor
3. My parents being controlling
4. My throat hurting
5. "Atlas" by Coldplay
6. A picture of two cute bunnies
7. The ramen bowl breaking
8. Seeing a commercial for the series finale of What Not to Wear
9. The Springboks winning the Rugby World Cup in "Invictus"
10. Hearing that a bunch of Justin's friends are bailing on his birthday party
11. The Andy Griffith Show

Thankfully, only two of these things resulted in actual waterworks. Hopefully I'm not becoming, like, sensitive or something XD



  1. I cried during the series finale of What Not to Wear.... ;).
    I'm not sure why you're so sensitive lately, perhaps you're just overwhelmed by life lately?

  2. i feel like maybe you aren't getting enough sleep. haha. i'm always irrationally emotional when i'm tired

  3. Awww! I cry on little things like YouTube videos and how my hair decides to look awful whenever I need to be around a lot of people. It's totally okay! xo