Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy :)

{<--- Help me know.}

It's amazing how giving up a part of yourself can sometimes make you whole.

I keep wanting to write a post about how I feel lately, but every time I hit "New Post," I just end up smiling gently and hitting "Close."

I don't need to explain how whole and happy and peaceful and authentic I feel these days. Explaining would feel like justifying, and that thought makes me laugh. I don't need to justify feeling right. I just DO, and that will spill over into my actions, words, and expressions sooner or later anyway.

It's not that I write more now. It's not that I love my body more now. It's not that I journal more now. It's not that music speaks to me more now. It's not that I read the Bible more now. It's not that I dance more now. It's not that I sleep better now. It's not that I dream more now.

It's a completely intangible shift. It's all the way internal. It's like a film has been removed from my heart and soul. It's like I see myself in my inner mirror for the first time in years. It's like a peace that tingles in my veins. It's like God and I can hear each other now.

I don't know how other people could perceive this change in me, and yet I don't know how how they couldn't either.



  1. You look pretty! Glad you're happy with the change in you. :*