Sunday, September 9, 2012

B2 + S2

Saturday, Sam visited me here at Campbell :)

Sam, me, Brenden and Bekah went bowling. I had won a free bowling game by playing this halftime game at a soccer game {yeah, I did use the word "game" three times}, and there's not a lot else to do in Buies Creek.

Bowling was fun {I won XD}, but just having Sam around was the best thing ever. Brenden and Bekah are pretty great, and they do their best to include me in everything, but anyone hanging around two people who are dating {or close enough} is bound to feel like a third wheel. For the first time, I got to have fun with B2 without just awkwardly standing by the side. I had someone to make eye contact with and engage me in conversation.

Bekah and Brenden both really liked Sam, too. Bekah said they talked about us later, how adorable we are together, and Brenden said, "They're so WEIRD. They're PERFECT for each other."

He liked Sam a lot, and I'm pretty sure Sam likes him fine, which is great, because if Bekah and I stay good friends, and Brenden and Bekah stay together, it'll just be more convenient to have the guys get along.

After bowling, the four of us went to Wal-Mart and messed around for like an hour and a half. Best Wal-Mart trip ever XD We looked at Legos, movies, threw koosh balls, took pictures with this Barbie camera, went crazy over coloring books {well, Bekah and I did} and Brenden got in trouble for skateboarding down the aisle.

I used to think that college kids were smooth and mature. Now I think we're pretty much just highschoolers with less adult supervision XD

It was also nice having someone around who wouldn't be constantly shocked that I understand and make innuendos. It gets old having Brenden's eyes get wide and his mouth fall open every fifteen minutes. Hopefully he'll get used to it soon.

Bekah doesn't get most of them XD

After Wal-Mart, we all went our separate ways. Sam and I went to dinner, which was Italian and pretty good, and then went back to the dorm room and kind of watched A Bug's Life, which I had never seen.

It was hard to see him go when 11pm rolled around, but unlike at home, there's no pushing the limit. If he hadn't been out of the room by 11, the RAs would have come looking for us and written me up. Although it was definitely for the best, since he had a two-hour drive back home.

I keep thinking that being apart will get easier, but so far it's just been difficult and sad, although no less genuine.

Five months tomorrow :)

Well, I better go study for a Western Civ quiz tomorrow, read some National Government homework, get a shower, start an English assignment, read a chapter of Theater, and...

*sigh* I am rather unhappy right now XD


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