Friday, September 21, 2012

Things I Have Learned at College {So Far}

Things I Have Learned at College

1. September 17th is Pirate Day, and if you dress up like a pirate and go to Krispy Kreme, you can get a dozen free doughnuts.

2. The correct spelling of "doughnuts" is not "donuts."

3. Some people think making out and saying "I love you" are a first step. Being in a relationship comes somewhere second. Or maybe third.

4. My "high school" was really challenging. Most people are freaked out and blown away by the quality of work expected here. I'm...not. As arrogant as it sounds, the English presentations my classmates gave yesterday would not have cut it in Mrs. Tomkinson's Challenge IV class.

5. Long-distance relationships are totally doable. A little sad, sure, but far from impossible.

6. Yoga pants = "stare at my ass pants." I had honest-to-God never thought about this before, and I feel really stupid for never consciously noticing how yoga pants fit. I am so oblivious it frightens me. {It also frightens Sarah, who has probably tried to tell me this before and I wasn't paying attention.}

7. College kids aren't {necessarily} much more mature than high school seniors. There's still a disappointing amount of pettiness and an exciting amount of Disney enthusiasm.

8. I can't eat just one fun-sized Twix.

9. I take abnormally long showers.

10. I brush my teeth abnormally a lot.


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  1. Hahahaha, I can totally identify with some of these. Just started college as well, and I'm positive my high school english teacher would have eaten some of these kids alive. xD