Sunday, May 19, 2013

9 Things That Are Never a Good Idea

...but that I often do anyway.

1. Reading old journals. Sure they're interesting, but also depressing, infuriating, and confusing. Let sleeping pasts lie.

2. Ignoring the beginning of sun poisoning. No, it WON'T go away, but if you acknowledge it early on, you may be able to ward off actual Hell.

3. Trying to convince Cassidy that the City of Bones movie isn't going to be that bad. No matter how much I believe it when I start talking, by the end of our conversation, we're both convinced that it'll be the worst thing since the first Twilight.

4. Threatening/tormenting Sam with anything other than needles or pinching. Do not fool yourself; he WILL retaliate and you WILL be sorry.

5. Salt and vinegar chips. No matter how good the first chip tastes, by the end of the serving you'll feel like gagging.

6. Playing "Rollerskate" to annoy your friends. It will, without a doubt, get stuck in YOUR head too.

7. Breaking a clean streak. Yes, it is a big deal. Yes, you will regret it in twenty minutes. Yes, you can resist it if you try.

8. Eating carrots to see if they still make your throat swell up. Guess what? THEY DO.

9. Deciding not to take a notebook with you. It pretty much never fails. You forgo the notebook, inspiration assaults you. It's just that simple.


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