Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I Wrote This For Mother's Day

Stubborn, smart, and witty, with a tendency to correct.
Good with words, and lists, and kids, full of confidence to project.
An anathema to idiots runs strong within your veins
And instead of being pampered, you’d rather hold the reigns.
People like to listen because you truly love to say
Exactly what you mean and in just the perfect way.
I know all this about you for more reasons than just one.
Yes, I have observed you, but that’s not nearly half the fun.
(I use the term “fun” loosely, and for why you will soon see.)
The fact of the matter is, the You we love is, too, in Me.
You say people always told you that you’d have a child like you.
And I’m not sure who the joke is on that the statement has proved true.
God knows we’ve had our differences, but it’s really because we’re the same;
And I can’t quite tell if it’s nature or it’s nurture that’s to blame.
You see, the more I get to know myself, I get to know you too.
You start to make a lot of sense as I do the things you do.
I can only hope and pray to God that when the time is right
I’ll be able to raise my own little Joke with a bit of your insight.
I want to thank you very much for putting up with me.
I’m only beginning to understand how right you really can be.
It would not have been much use to tell me as girl these things,
But you’re such a part of the reason I’m beginning to grow my wings.
I love, appreciate, and respect you more than ever before
And I know as we both grow older I will do those even more.


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