Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This Post is About the Moment When...

your stomach burns and you can't tell if it's hunger or adrenaline.

the invisible words tickle your mind and watch you go crazy trying to find them.

your inner voice disowns the rest of you.

you realize you've changed your mind.

your body falls asleep and your waking mind is trapped inside.

you can't tell if it's genuine or nostalgic.

you cry because you can't sleep, then realize it was a dream.

you can't get warm in the shower.

you flip a coin for yourself and realize you don't want to call it.

wasting time becomes like an addiction.

you try to write a blog post and it comes out retarded{ly}.


P.S. No one has voted on the poll to the left XD How is that even possible? Vote. Although to be honest, I already know what I'm going to do at this point.


  1. I voted on the poll days ago....

    1. I also did. I told her that. I voted, then a few hours later, it said "0 votes" then I did again, and I guess you did, cuz t said two, then later it said none, and now it says two again.