Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fragments VI

- This flight announcer guy sounds exactly like Christoph Waltz. Like...I swear it's him. I wonder if it could be?

- It makes me smirk when people talk about "dancer bodies." It sounds good, but it really means big feet and a small chest.

- Apparently, it's technically legal for women to go topless in North Carolina.

- I think it's really important for kids to know how to set a table correctly.

- All my college friends have received their dorm room assignments except me. Why? It would seem that my application "didn't get completed." However, I got email confirmation that it had gone through, and it's a fact that the housing system got screwed up in May. If I end up without a residence or a good roommate, I will be pissed and out of luck. A lot of times, I really hate my school.

- Little families make me really happy.

- So do young married couples. But they also make me irritated. Old married couples are the best. They're so content and adorable. Gah.

- ...I get mushy sometimes.

- Rarely.

- But apparently it happens.

- I will never have an inside dog. I might really like the dog {Gilbert <3}, but after drying off with a clean towel and coming out covered in dog fur, I've redrawn the line and decorated it with barbed wire and land mines.

- I really hope we get on this flight. Flying standby is great, but you do get what you pay for.



  1. What a fun post. Good way to use delay time.

  2. I still can't remember which side the knife/fork/spoon go on. When you talk about dancer bodies, is that what others dancers think? When I think of that phrase I think of someone like Summer Glau, with slender limbs and fluid movements. Though maybe that's because her dance style was ballet I think.

    1. Fork and napkin on the left; spoon and knife on the right (spoon on the outside) :)

      Other dancers do feel that way about their bodies on the whole. There are certainly some exceptions though.

      I don't think Summer Glau especially contradicts my statement. Her chest is pretty small and her shoe size is 8.


  3. I have absolutely no idea whether 8 is large or small for a woman. I didn't think she contradicted your statement I guess my mental picture was different than yours. Dancing requires fitness though and usually women who are fit on an elite level don't have large breasts. Dancers need a strong core which means low fat and good balance, which means large feet. And I intend that last bit to be read with a :p