Tuesday, June 11, 2013


{yesterday} Day Ten:  Your most embarrassing moment

It took me all of yesterday to think of an embarrassing moment to share. I get embarrassed, but I really don't have any klutzy, funny stories. Most of my moments are only a big deal to me, and last about twelve seconds. But here's something that really did bother me.

For the driving portion of driver's ed, I drove with two guys named Houston and Christian, both of whom I disliked. Personally, I thought they were lame and boring. They thought they were cooler than me, and I figured everyone else did too.

During one of the three-hour driving sessions, we stopped with our driving instructor at a gas station to get snacks or something. Houston, Christian, and the instructor were going inside, but I didn't want to get anything, so I stayed behind. I got out of the car and leaned on it while I waited.

About halfway across the parking lot, Houston and Christian looked back and laughed at me.

"Look at her," Houston snickered, pointing. "She's pretending the car is hers." They laughed and pointed, and other people looked too. I think our driving instructor thought the same thing as the boys.

Honestly, that thought had not occurred to me, but it was somehow extremely mortifying. They already thought I was lame, and it appeared that I had just tried to impress people around them, affirming their assumption that I could only wish I were cool.
Day Eleven:  Sell yourself in ten words or fewer.

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  1. Wow those guys were douches. Great thing about getting older is, when I was that age I would have been embarrassed too but now I couldn't care less