Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Top Bottom Three

You know you're having a bad day self-image day when you see the topic "Your top three worst traits" and think "FINALLY. A topic I can work with" XD

1. Manipulative - I see most things as black or white, and I'm constantly trying to convert everyone else to my opinions. If I think someone is rude and deceitful, I will do everything I can to get you to believe that as well, even if it means bending reality ever so slightly in the process. If I want something, I will figure out how to make you give it to me, preferably in such a subtle way that you believe it was your own idea to do so.

2. Lacking in self-control - {I think there's a single word for this, but I've been sitting here for five minutes and nothing will come to mind.} I pretty much just don't have any self-control. My temper often gets the best of me; I often consume way more chocolate than healthy; and for the love of God, let's not even talk about my being horny. Wherever most people's Self-Control gland is, I must have a Screw Everything And Go For It gland.

3. Entitled - Maybe it comes from having incredibly good luck, but I'm afraid that I have a spirit of entitlement. I tend to assume that my way is the best way, and if I want something, people think enough of me to make it happen. Plans should be made to suit my schedule, and if I'm cold, you should hand me that blanket without my having to ask. If I have a problem, fix it. If I don't like this song, change it. Maybe it's more like "pride." I don't know, but it disgusts me in other people, so it's ironic that I think I might possess this trait myself.


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  1. Cold showers work great. Or better still get your mind off it. May have to do it a lot but it works