Thursday, March 6, 2014


I'm procrastinating. To get the Baptist scholarship, I have to write an essay by April Fool's Day. However, since I don't have a lot to do this week {my spring break}, I have vowed to write the essay this week. Today. Before I rise again from this kitchen chair. Sooo yeah.

And I'm giving up Facebook for Lent, so I can't use that to procrastinate. So I'm really thinking outside the box here. I'm BLOGGING. Ohhhhh. Yeah.

*sigh* Really, this essay isn't going to be that terrible. It only has to be 400 words long and tell about my Campus Ministry. Who's the minister, what do they do, and how has campus ministry impacted me? {Honestly, not much, and about half the experiences have been negative.}

I really think a lot of my campus minister though. Her name is Faithe Beam, and she's one of the warmest, most genuine, and fun-spirited people I've ever met.  Campbell University students gather every Wednesday for "Connections," and she often introduces the speakers.  Reverend Beam also taught my Introduction to Christianity class. She made the course personal and informative. Instead of adding stress, the class became more of a time of reflection and learning.

Reverend Beam also helps counsel students. Freshman year, one of my good friends was subjected to some ridiculous, spiteful drama from her roommate. Reverend Beam met and spoke with my friend on several occasions, and gave her advice that my friend still uses and passes on today. Actually, through word of mouth, I've benefited from some of Reverend Beam's advice, even though I've never met with her one-on-one.

I did meet with my resident chaplain once, though. Her name was Amy Adams. I mostly don't ever ask official people for counsel {or at least that used to be the case}. I'll pick the brains of my friends and family all day, but making an appointment? That's for people who can't handle their own shit.

Well, when PC and I broke up, I could not handle my own shit. So I met with Amy. She mostly just listened to my story and in the end, I felt better about the situation. In talking to her and getting some affirmation, I realized that I wasn't so crazy, hopeless, or inept. She gave me some practical advice that I later tried to apply. {I mean, I failed, but it was practical and I did try.}

As far as the more traditional side of campus ministry {events and worship and such}, I haven't had a lot of experience. But you can tell that Reverend Beam's spirit of warmth and acceptance sets the tone for the whole thing.

Freshman year, I attended an annual event called "One Night." All the different campus ministry groups meet together for a night of worship and spiritual revival. I couldn't find anyone to go with me, so I went alone. The experience would have been a lot less awkward and more fun if people had broken apart from their precious little cliques, but the atmosphere was still good. Music swelled; voices soared; hands rose. The Holy Spirit descended for sure.

I should get involved in SOMETHING campus ministry has to offer. It can't possibly ALL be snotty and superficial.

*shrug* At least I like Reverend Beam.

Huh. This post is 547 words long. I bet you I can use some of it in this essay.

Awww, I see what you did there. You sneaky little beyotch.

Yeah? Good job. Now go write.





    yes. just so much yes.

    and also, do get involved. i made the mistake of not getting involved in campus ministry while i was in college because i was always too cool and i didn't really like what they had to offer me, but it would have been so beneficial to cultivate those types of relationships before my senior year of college when i then had to leave everyone. yeah.

  2. oh, and one more thing, when nathan and i had broken up january of last year, i did go see a counselor at church and that helped A LOT. i met with her maybe like five or six times because i didn't feel like i could really talk to my parents about what i was going through and have them give me an unbiased opinion. it was super helpful to get some affirmation that i wasn't crazy and that nathan wasn't crazy and that our situation was extremely unique. so. just thought i'd share that.