Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Person Formerly Known as "UB"

Written March 4


It's a really stupid nickname/codename/contact name and I hate it. It stands for "Unicorn Boy" and I made it up specifically to annoy him. It's from an inside joke involving a jacket that echoes Dean Winchester.

I stand {sit} before you to produce a new and more seemly codename, should it be needed in the near future.

I'm gonna go with "Gem." {Maybe it seems a little feminine, but trust me, it makes sense, and it sounds enough like "Jim" that it can be masculine. Right? Whatever XD}

In the past couple of months, I've gone on several first dates because a good friend convinced me that they have the potential to be really rewarding.

I have enjoyed {almost} all of my dates. However, I haven't looked forward to a single one. I agree to go out with a guy, then spend the days before the date glaring at myself in the mirror and muttering "Why would you do this to yourself?"

I am kind of a hopeless unromantic.

But as I type this on March 4th, there is a date that I'm actually looking forward to. I started shaking when he asked me. And then I did this horrid, inhuman squeal thing as I went into the next room to tell Cassidy. {Sorry again for that, Cass.}

Of course, he told me that he literally jumped for joy when I said Yes, and I have no reason to doubt him.

Yes the date is with Gem, this sexy-armed Lord of the Rings nerd from senior year who writes me long letters and does somersaults at school dances.

I always remember this spontaneous debate we had in theology class. It was a head-versus-heart discussion, where he argued for the heart and I for the head. I think that argument has caused me to rethink my stubborn ways more than anything else.

I never expected him to like me back. I've had kind of "intellectual feelings" for him for a long time. Mostly I kept them tucked in the back of my mind, to think about whenever convenient. I always had several other girls in mind that I thought he'd be cute with, so I didn't seriously consider myself a candidate for longer than ten minutes at a time.

But he said it himself, over the phone: "I really like you, and I would like to go on a date with you."

I'm pretty sure I do like him. I think I knew weeks ago when he said "I'm not going anywhere anytime soon" and my heart erupted in little fireworks.

If you're reading this, the date on March 7th went well, and I have decided that giving him a new nickname is worth the time.

Here's to getting to know Gem a little better :)


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