Saturday, March 29, 2014

So Gem and I...

So, this happened:  "The Great Gatsby" themed spring formal with Gem, whom I've decided to give a Blogger label. So yeah. It's getting serious.

He looks weird in this picture.

Or maybe I'm just trying to find things that were wrong about that night, because really, it throws a good cynic for a loop when an evening turns out perfectly.

{Although cynicism aside, I totally do look bow-legged.}

He picked me up in a full white tuxedo, complete with a top hat and cane. Despite his efforts to warn me of his extravagance, I was still taken by surprise.

Once in the car, he asked if I was hungry yet.

"Here's the thing," I said. "I have a tendency to not get hungry, so we should probably not wait for that to happen."

"Well," he countered. "Remember how I don't get hungry when I'm nervous? Yeah. So me neither."

"Sooo...why don't we just...not waste money on food neither of us is going to eat?"

"OH!" he exclaimed suddenly. "I have an idea. I am not going to tell you what it is. Can you handle a surprise?"

I said I could.

We talked nonstop til he pulled into a Walmart parking lot. He looked at me. "We're going on a quest to find lemon-poppy seed muffins."

This guy. I'm pretty into his style.

Don't forget, we were dressed to the freakin' nines in 1920s get-up. He offered me his arm and we strutted through Walmart, counting the compliments we received. {Four total.}

We ate our muffins in the car and talked and talked and talked. So much talking. I found out that he's a morning person; handles cold better than hot; and used to be a government nerd.

As the time approached to actually go to the dance, I confessed that I had never been to one of Campbell's dances and I was afraid it might be lame.

"No!" he said. "We'll make it fun! But no seriously, if it sucks, I brought my laptop so we can just leave and watch Doctor Who."

My mouth fell open. "I was just getting ready to tell you that if it's lame we can go back to the dorm and watch Netflix."

Great minds, I suppose.

The dance did not, in fact, suck. The decorations were perfectly Gatsby-esque and the music was mostly good and I saw a lot of people I knew. And Gem. Gem was awesome.

One of the first things he told me upon arrival:  "I don't want you leaving this dance wishing we'd danced more."

It was like fireworks in my heart XD Words and dancing are my love languages.

I was pleased to find out that he is a confident, fun dancer, one of those people who can do any move without it seeming embarrassing or forced. Once, he went into the middle of a dancing circle and did that Russian move, where you squat and pop your legs out XD Even though he did it well, it was hilarious and everyone cheered.

Then slow dancing happened. I don't like slow dancing. It feels stilted and awkward and it's basically a nightmare for someone who hates eye contact. Gem's and my slow dance wasn't the worst ever, but it was far from comfortable to me. We talked some, about fire fairies and eye colors and probably something else, but I was too busy trying not to breathe muffin breath on him to focus.

When the dance was over, he looked me square in the eyes and said, "Guess what? I'm not gonna ask."

And he kissed me.

He completely surprised me, and then I surprised myself by not minding. Actually, it really broke a barrier between us and we both seemed more at ease for the rest of the dance. His style once again reminded me that it's possible to be fun and sexy without being raunchy. Sometimes I forget that.

When we got back to Campbell, a lot more talking happened, which I loved. The more I get to know him the more I can be myself. I was afraid the opposite might be true, but it just isn't.

I changed into sweatpants and we watched two episodes of Doctor Who in the back of the Kia, under a sleeping bag Gem had in his trunk. I felt really safe and comfortable and happy. I didn't realize how much I'd missed that feeling.

"I watch so much Netflix," I confessed at one point. "Since giving up Facebook for Lent, Netflix is my procrastination tool of choice."

"Jeez, Stephanie," Gem said. "Get a life. You need a boyfriend or something."

"Yeah?" I said. "Do you need a girlfriend?"

"I think so."

"Huh. Maybe we can help each other."

So yeah, I guess it's official :) It is a weird situation for me.

See, I'm Gem's first everything. I was his fist date, his first kiss, and now his first girlfriend. I'm used to being the inexperienced one with all the firsts, having a guy lead--and lead very well. PC did me wrong in a lot of ways, but I will say that looking back, he was a good teacher of sorts. His style never made me feel awkward about my inexperience. As creepy as it might sound, I hope I can do as well with Gem, leading in the subtlest and most reassuring of ways.

When we said goodbye, Gem went for a cheek kiss but faked me out and got a real on. He makes me laugh.

Since the night of the dance, several things have unfolded, and all in the best ways possible. I'm increasingly glad--though ever-wary--to be dating him. For the first times ever this week, I've been, like, missing him, wanting to see him. If I go home before Easter, it'll be because of him.

Guys, I am luckier than I deserve.

Thanks for putting up with an uncharacteristically sappy post XD


  1. this makes me unbelievably happy on SO MANY LEVELS. like, all of the levels. i can't even handle it. holy goodness. AHHHH. !!.

  2. PS you totally don't look bowlegged and you're completely making that up. yes. plus, you two are really cute together! his tux! your dress! *wolf whistle*

  3. Thank you :D For all of that :)

  4. Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!