Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Fate of Peripeteia

I don't know what to do with this blog.

I love it, and it's very "Me." However, there is definitely some content on here that I don't feel comfortable representing me to potential employers. With applying for internships this summer {and almost definitely writing articles for Classical Conversations}, I'm wondering if I need to...do something with Peripeteia.

No matter what, I won't stop blogging, and I won't delete Peripeteia. Mostly likely, I'll make Peripeteia "Private" {and gladly give you all permission to view it} and start a new, public blog. I'd post on both, there would just be some "extra" stuff on Peripeteia that isn't as...kosher.

What do you all think? I'm completely new to this, and I really need to take care of this BEFORE it becomes an issue...which it could very soon.



  1. i have had this same debate with myself, as my blog grows in popularity and especially now that i'm a teacher...do i leave everything out in the open for all to see or do i change my settings? i haven't changed my privacy yet though, but as i see past posts pop up on my "you might also like" option, i tend to revert those ones back to drafts. but i still often wonder if i should just start a new 'anonymous' public blog or if i should just not care what people think because i'm crazy like that. yep...still deciding. so...this was entirely unhelpful. but there you go.

  2. I am also a teacher and have actually had to address this issue with my district. I guess students have found my blog and the school was afraid of an angry parent using it against me. As much as I will fight to maintain my integrity and freedom as a writer, I never use the name of my school or district on the site, and each time I post I think to myself: "How would I feel if a student found this?" I do have a couple posts that I really don't want students to read, but I wouldn't be horrified if they did. It's a delicate balance, sometimes I resent it, but until I am able to live off my writing, I have to keep my job! Overall, I find that I am not hindered by it and my real edgy stuff is on a blog that has neither my name or picture.