Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happiness :)

Today has just been an immensely happy day. I've been working on my 14-16 page Milton paper all day, which is actually going well, and I am freaking in love with "Paradise Lost" anyway, so it's been absolutely glorious. I keep thinking "I just want to do this with my life!" and then I remember that I'm an English major, so for at least two more years, I can!

But also, I found out that one of my best friends is considering dating someone awesome. I don't really get excited about relationships, as you know, but I actually made a squeaking sound {in public, mind you} when my friend texted me. Ermagersh.

One of my unbiological brothers also told me that he thinks he wants to marry his girlfriend. {For those of you who know me in real life, it is NOT the unbiological brother who would make us all cry if he decided to marry his current girlfriend.} Again, I don't normally get excited about relationships, but this knowledge filled me with such happiness that it prompted me to write this post.

Also, Gem is pretty cool. Relationship gush is not my favorite thing, especially if I'm the one gushing, so I'm gonna stop there. But he makes me laugh every day, in this really different way. It's the kind of laughter that first fills you up with joy on the inside, and then comes out in laughter.

I hope you've had a happy day!


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  1. this is such a cute post :) i'm so happy that you're happy haha!