Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Ginger tagged me with the Liebster Blog Award! :D Why thank you. I must now post 11 facts about myself, answer Ginger's 11 questions, and ask 11 bloggers 11 questions of my own.

Just the Facts
1. Really, all I've ever wanted was to be immersed in words. {Anyone who knows me knows that that sentence is somewhat of a lie; I've wanted a jillion other things, but the SPIRIT of that sentence is true.} Well, that dream is increasingly coming true! With the combination of school work and leisure activities, words make up like 12 hours of my day these days.

2. I got a text from someone today that was just a smiley face, and for the first time in my life, I didn't feel slighted. I just smiled to myself.

3. I wrote a midterm paper in one day this week, and I am completely confident about it. First time I've a) done a midterm paper in one day, and b) not been freaking out about a midterm paper. Not sure if I'm getting the hang of college, or just living in a fantasy world XD

4. I acquired Batman footie pajamas this week. And other assorted mind-boggling surprise blessings.

5. I almost didn't get paid for working all this semester so far because I'm lazy and retarded and didn't do my paperwork. But Student Services is giving me a break. Thank God.

6. My roommate just had a baby. She's been pregnant for nine months (obviously) and I didn't know. In my defense, she tried really hard to hide it. She wore huge clothes and complained about gaining belly weight and told absolutely no one (not even her own mother). I had my suspicions, but she kept denying that she was pregnant and I wasn't gonna call her a liar... I thought this stuff only happened in soap operas.

7. I just finished the book "The Casual Vacancy" by J. K. Rowling. It was really good, but complex and sort of vulgar to a distasteful extreme. But by the end, I could respect it. She IS an incredible writer.

8. I made my whole Brit Lit class laugh today. It was review day, and I asked "What do we need to know about the author bios?"

"Everything," he said plainly, in his direct, immediate, challenging way.

I held his gaze and gave it a second before saying, "No but really." And everyone just cracked up--including him. And then he answered me for real.

9.  I have a massive crush on the above professor.

10. I know a guy with a voice like Chris Hemsworth's. He sits next to me in logic class and asked me to breakfast with him last week.

11. I'm sitting in the tutoring center, listening to a guy tutor this girl in Western Civ, the subject I also tutor. He is way better at it than me.

Ginger's Eleven Questions
(1). What song is stuck in your head at the moment?
Lady GaGa's "Edge of Glory." And I could not be more unhappy about or bewildered by this.

(2). How many languages can you speak?
Just English, and mediocre Spanish. I can read Latin and Spanish fairly well.

(3). Do you believe in any conspiracy theories or other debatable phenomena?
Not even a little bit.

(4). What would you study/train to become if college was free and you could be guaranteed an ideal job afterwards?
:O Oh my gosh. What a fun question. Except...huh. I think I'd just be doing this o_o I'd be an English major, hoping to write and fight for truth. How satisfying :)

(5). Which job would you be least suited to?
A surgeon. I'm bad with maps, so it makes sense to me that I might accidentally cut out someone's kidney instead of their liver or something.

(6). Which places in your own country would you love to go, but just haven't gotten around to?
My friend Gabe is always talking about this epic treehouse in Nebraska. I'd really like to see that. Also New York City is supposed to be pretty cool. 

(7). If you had to move to a different time period permanently, which one would you choose?
Can I also move locations? If so, ancient Greece. If not, maybe, like, the 1930s. I think I could've survived the Great Depression and been way better for it. It's always fascinated me.

(8). What if you only had to go there for one week?
 Like, America during the 1870s, like Little House on the Prairie time. I think it'd be fun, but kinda boring, so I could probably only stand it for a week.

(9). A surprisingly topical debate: do you pour the milk or the cereal first?
I don't eat milk on my cereal.

(10). If you had to participate in a gameshow, which one would you pick?
Probably Wheel of Fortune. I'm not quite fast enough for Jeopardy, though I'd rather be on that show.

(11). What are the worst first names a person could possibly be given?
For boys: Harry (way too much can go wrong here), Elmer (what, the glue?), Bernard (just a nasty-sounding name)
For girls:  Gertrude (there aren't even nice nicknames for this), Prudence (sounds like "prune," forces your lips to purse in pronouncing it, and plus...who wants to be a prude?), Mildred (too close to "mildew")

My apologies to anyone with these names...>.>

My New Questions

1. What is your favorite flavor of muffin?
2. How tall are you?
3. How do you feel about tattoos?
4. What chess piece would you be? Why?
5. If you got 3 hours of sleep for 3 days in a row, how would you be acting?
6. What's your favorite mode of procrastination?
7. Do you actually read people's answers to these things, or do you just answer the questions and want people to read yours?
8. How did you feel about taking the SAT?
9. Do you know what SAT stands for {without looking it up}?
10. Have you ever been involved in unrequited love? Tell about that.
11. Let's pretend scientists just discovered aliens. What author/movie director got closest to what they're like?

11 Bloggers
No one HAS to do this, and anyone is WELCOME to do it XD I like to think I'm relatively laid back about tags, considering there's no way to enforce them anyway.


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  1. seriously, WHO pours the milk first? the level of milk in the bowl depends on the amount of cereal already inhabiting the area. it's a delicate ratio and much easier to add milk than to add cereal.